Stop Overpaying These 11 Companies Today! Tips and Techniques to Save Money Today...

Bill Derekson

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It has been a rough year for most of us and if you’re on a fixed income like most seniors, we think it's time to stop overpaying companies that are taking advantage of consumers. Many companies are making a killing off unsuspecting consumers and we think it's time to fight back! Here are some common misconceptions and ways to save as soon as today. As prices skyrocket, savings mean more now than ever... We’ve taken the guesswork out of savings by looking at the most common ways you are being overcharged. Not all charges are in plain sight. Oftentimes, they are hidden and not so obvious. Savings Matter! So here are some easy ways to maximize your savings. Note That: Many of these programs are only available online and could expire this month. We encourage you to claim the items in the list below to make the most of it while they last. Let’s get into it!

1. Auto Insurance Companies: SAVINGS UP TO $610 a year

Car Insurance companies are notorious for charging their customers more than they need to. They lock you into a high monthly payment in which you pay without questioning. But in reality, the probability of there being a much lower cost option available is very possible.

For example, do you work from home and spend less time on the road? You can ask to pay less! Have you gone 3 years or more with a clean driving record? You can request a new rate!

The list goes on and on with creative ways to substantially lower your monthly fees.

We found the best way to find a great rate is to compare your options side by side. The good news is, it's easy! You can do this for no cost at Top Auto Rates. Quickly check to see how much you can save today!

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2. Mortgage Lenders - Savings up to $1253 a year

Do you own a home? Then chances are you are paying too much for your mortgage. Due to the pandemic, interest rates are near an all time low, causing home values to increase. If you’re on a fixed income like most seniors, this is a golden opportunity that should not be missed!

Today is the day to shop refinance rates. With this simple process you can save up to thousands of dollars a year on your Mortgage. Who wouldn't want that?

Rates won’t be this low forever so click here to compare how much you can save.

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3. Late fees can cost you a fortune. Bill management services can save hundreds!

Not paying your bills can cost you an arm and a leg in late fees. SilverBills is revolutionizing household bills using proprietary software and personal support.

Instead of being inundated by bills, having to remember deadlines and write checks, clients are enjoying life without these stressors. Trusted by Families & Professionals Since 2014. SilverBills is a bill paying service for seniors.

People having trouble with bills piling up, widows and/or widowers, SilverBills takes care of everything in timely fashion for a low cost to consumer. Your first Month is Free!! Speak to an enrollment advisor today to learn more about the benefits of working with SilverBills.

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4. Home Repairmen - Savings up to $350 a year

Unavoidable home repairs can be catastrophic to the pocketbooks of most homeowners who are on a fixed monthly budget. Many homeowners make the mistake of assuming their major appliances are covered on their homeowners insurance, that is, until the inevitable happens and they are left paying hundreds out of pocket.

The good news is that there is now a new Home Warranty program available for U.S Seniors that help protect you from unexpected repair bills and can save you from the hassle of finding a reputable tech and overpaying for repairs.

Home Warranties offer peace of mind and considerable savings. Stop overpaying for costly repairs now!

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5. Life Insurance: Get your Free Quote today. Savings $253 a month

If you have a family, life insurance is a MUST. Life Insurance is one of those things that no one likes to talk about but don’t leave your loved ones stuck with the bill.

It’s now easier than ever to compare and save by using this new life insurance comparison website. Only a few minutes of your day to ensure you are saving the maximum amount on your life insurance policy. National Family life insurance is saving customers thousands of dollars by offering the best price on term life without sacrificing coverage. What are you waiting for?

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6. Seniors: Get the #1 rated Smart Home Security System for as low as $28.99/mo! Act now & receive a Free Doorbell Camera!

Seniors! Did you know that a home without a security system is much more likely to be broken into than a home with security? Installing a home alarm system isn't just to stop burglars and intruders, it can also save you big money, by lowering your homeowners insurance payment every month.

It’s important for Seniors to have a high functioning alarm system installed in their home, so that they can get medical aid in the case of a life threatening emergency, especially for those who live alone! Drop those worries at the door, get the best in home security today. For a limited time, Seniors can get a Free Doorbell Camera Installed! Take advantage of this special offer today!

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7. Cable companies: Savings up to $80 a month

Cable companies make a killing off charging you for unwanted channels. Millions of customers have cut the cord and switched to streaming services for free and cheap content. Services such as Netflix and Amazon have grown in popularity and have helped save customers a lot on their cable television bill.

If you are paying for cable, stop! You are wasting your money on outdated services and have better options waiting for you on the horizon!

Let’s keep moving!

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8. If You're Paying More Than $9/Month For Medicare, Read This ASAP

Did you know that over 95% of seniors are paying more than $5,000 per year out of pocket on medical expenses? That’s ridiculous! Medicare Insurance is necessary, but the wrong plan can drain your wallet. Wouldn't it be nice to find the right plan that fits your budget?

Compare plans and start saving on your Medicare Insurance plan today. All of your deductibles and co-pays could actually be covered with a replacement plan. However, these special plans are only available to those in qualified zip codes. Easy Medicare offers many plans that are easy to understand and at the best possible rates available in your state. Start saving money today and fill your wallet instead! See if you qualify by clicking the link below

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9. Seniors With $24,000 or more in Credit Card Debt are Saving $120 a Month with this Brilliant Debt Relief Payoff Plan

Finding yourself trapped in debt is a slippery slope and the worst way to waste money. With the skyrocketing cost of living in the US, more and more adults are struggling with financial debt than ever before. Thankfully with interest rates as low as they are, customers can take advantage of debt relief to save themselves from falling off the fiscal cliff and out of debt.

If you find yourself heading for that slope, now is the time to act fast! If you have $24,000 or more in credit card debt, click the link below to see if you qualify for reduced payments and freedom from debt relief.

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10. Doctors and hospitals charge an arm and a leg! Scientists Were Shocked When They Found This Extraordinary Joint Soother.

Joint pain is common among us seniors and at times it’s unbearable. Joints give us motion, but when bone meets bone is where pain happens. Knee and shoulder joints commonly have discomfort from inflammation and the pain can limit motion.

When your joints are healthy your joints are layered by cartilage that offer great spacing and alignment. That is why we like Instaflex Advanced for treating joint pain. With a combination of 8 different ingredients Instaflex Advanced is the supplement that combines these ingredients together for fast acting pain relief and comfort.

Target the root cause of joint discomfort! You will feel the difference – Get your 14 Day Free Samples today

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11. Timeshare Owners : Americans are getting rid of their unfair timeshare contracts!

Everyone knows that sleazy salesman that coaxes you out of your vacation mode and into a seminar with a free dinner for two. But in most cases, we all know, it turns out to be a nightmare! Getting out of a Timeshare agreement can be harder than paying off student debt!

That is why many Americans turn to lawyers to fight their hopeless Timeshare battles for them, but the tedious process eventually discourages people from cancelling.

Fortunately, this amazing new program allows American Seniors to sell or rent out their timeshare instantly! Simply contact Senior Timeshare Relief today for your free no obligation consultation and let your timeshare make YOU money for a change!

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